Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The Yorkwriters Move

After years of struggling with a web-site that I never seemed to be able to keep current, I've decided to try routing our domain to a blog that will be easier to keep up. My hope is that anything we lose in flexibility, we'll more than make up in ease of use.

Comments, greetings, and suggestions for additional features are more than welcome. Right now, comments are set at the lowest security level that avoids spam, meaning you don't need an account or to log on, but you will need to enter a word-verification test to prove you're not a robot. So long as there are no problems, it will remain that way.

We'll be adding content as we go along, and if you check the sidebar, you'll also find links to our other blogs (Chris's, mine, and my blogged weekly web-comic, "Minions at Work."), so check back often, subscribe to our feed, or if you have a Google account, become a follower.

Thanks for coming, and enjoy your visit.

- Steve

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