Monday, July 13, 2009

From manuscript to book: The Christy Evans Story


We're rapidly coming up on the release of the first in a series of mysteries written by Chris under the pen-name of "Christy Evans." The first installment is called "Sink Trap," and it will be out in early October.

Since these are under their own pen-name, Chris has set up a seperate blog for "Christy," and has started an interesting series of posts that show some of the steps between completing a manuscript and having a finished book: cover art, cover copy, dedications, and so on.

It's interesting stuff, and the sort of thing that readers (and aspiring writers) never give a thought to, yet its a vital part of packaging and selling a book. It's also a surprisingly personal thing.

The first three installments in the series are up, with more to come. Find them here:

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