Saturday, July 30, 2011

New Ebook Fiction from Chris!


It's been a busy summer, but Tsunami Ridge has a lot of our new and reprint fiction in the pipeline, and some of it is starting to appear.  Here's a great new short-story ebook release from Chris; a tale of high-school, cheerleading, mystery, and magic, "Cheer Witches."  The blurb:

Some people think all cheerleaders are witches, which isn't really true. Except at Salem Township Public High School #4 - known to the student body as Witch High.

Regionals are coming, and Cassie wants to win. But not enough to cheat. Magic is strictly forbidden in competition, and by the coach. Still, a little magic seems to be creeping into their routines, and Cassie is worried. She prides herself on using her powers for good, and cheating isn't right.

If she can't find the hidden source of the magic before their next competition, they could be disqualified.

Or worse, in Cassie's mind, they could not be disqualified.

Then even if they win, they lose! 

Find it on Amazon at the above link, or in all major ebook forms on Smashwords.  Only 99 cents.  Coming soon to Nook, Apple, Kobo, and all other major ebook outlets.

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