Sunday, July 3, 2011

New eBooks from Steve


We've been really distracted here lately, what with book deadlines and family issues, so not a lot of posting has happened here, and we haven't had much time for Tsunami Ridge Publishing and our ebook original publishing projects.

Until now anyway.  I've got two new ebooks for you today.

The first I'm very excited about, "The Unwinding of Liberty Brass, A Clockwork Cowboy Story."  This is the first short-story in a series of "steampunk western" stories.  Here's the blurb:

J. Steven York's Clockwork Cowboy stories aren't just 'weird Westerns.' They're quite touching, too. Yes, Liberty Brass is a metal man with a busted 'governor.' But he's got as much heart as any other hero you'll find riding the range."
-- Steve Hockensmith, author of Pride and Prejudice and Zombies. Dawn of the Dreadfuls, and the Holmes on the Range mystery series
Throughout the west tales are told of a legendary Clockwork Cowboy, a restless mechanical wanderer who rode a clockwork horse, and whose bullets never missed. Some called him traitor, or monster, or murderer, but some called him hero. Some said he never stood by idle when the strong preyed upon the weak, and no bad men, mechanical or flesh, were safe while he wandered the plains.

But every story has a beginning...

Some say the Clockwork Cowboy was actually a Confederate Artilleryman called Liberty Brass. But for Liberty Brass, the trail seems ready to end almost before it begins. In a half-destroyed barn near the Gettysburg battlefield, on a dark, rainy night, two clockwork men, both damaged in war, meet. In the hours that follow, a terrible secret is revealed, a fateful judgment is made, and only one can survive to see the morning sun...

There's already a second "Clockwork Cowboy" story on the way.  It will be in the upcoming DAW anthology, "Western Weird,"  and there will be more Clockwork Cowboy stories on the way from Tsunami Ridge.

Also available on Nook and Smashwords.  Coming soon to other major ebook outlets.

My next new book is a mix of old and new.  The title story of my science fiction mini-collection, "Walking the Virtch," was previously published in Analog Science Fiction magazine, where it was a reader's choice award nominee.  In addition, this book also includes a previously unpublished novella length sequel, "God Mode, With Rockets."  Here's the pitch:

From National Best-selling author J. Steven York -


In a stagnated and decadent future, the Virtch is all they have left. The Virtch is a world computer network, shared virtual-reality, and life itself. Life outside it, the Real, is only a colorless shadow by comparison. But humanity has lost itself in these virtual places, and nobody remembers how the system works. Even the Sysgods dare not touch the core-code, lest their virtual worlds collapse.

In virtual spaces where everyone flies, one man, Jodd finds the courage to bring himself down to earth, to walk beneath virtual skies, find lost secrets of the heart, and regain his lost humanity.

But if there can still be true-love in the Virtch, what about true-friendship? Jodd holds the keys to the lost secrets of the Virtch. To use them, he and his new love must reunite with three childhood friends. But one of those friends hides a terrible secret. And another wants only revenge; to destroy his old-friends and the Virtch itself!

The power to become Virtual Gods is within their grasp, to remake the Virtch, or to destroy it.

But only if they can avoid killing each other first!

Also available on Nook and Smashwords.  Coming soon to other major ebook outlets.

That's it for today, but look for other new releases (probably next from Chris) coming soon.

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