Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Free Ebooks! (Our poor excuse for World Science Fiction Convention Promotion

 As we were getting organized for our Reno Worldcon trip this week, I had plans for the steps we'd take to promote our work during the convention, including special business cards and give-away coupons for free ebooks.

But unfortunately, family emergencies have pushed all our priorities around, and last week I decided this was one of many things I just had to let go.  We made the decision to come to Worldcon, and hopefully we'll stay for all our scheduled programming appearances, but life is kind of rocky at the moment.

So, in lieu of that, here are some links and Smashwords coupons for a couple of selected free ebooks, so that we can just announce our webpage URL at the panels and maybe some folks will find their way here.

Meanwhile, those if you who are stumbling in from Twitter, Google+, Facebook or the interwebs at large are also welcome to enjoy the freebies.  Coupons are good through Sept. 25th.  Smashwords supports download formats for all major reading devices, but if you prefer, you can purchase direct to your device (for the regular 99 cents each, sorry) on Kindle, Nook, Kobo, iBooks and other major ebook outlets.

Thanks for reading, and we hope to see you at Worldcon!

                              - Steve and Chris (Christy)

The Unwinding of Liberty Brass, A Clockwork Cowboy Story
by J. Steven York

"J. Steven York's Clockwork Cowboy stories aren't just 'weird Westerns.' They're quite touching, too. Yes, Liberty Brass is a metal man with a busted 'governor.' But he's got as much heart as any other hero you'll find riding the range." 
-- Steve Hockensmith, author of Pride and Prejudice and Zombies. Dawn of the Dreadfuls, and the Holmes on the Range mystery series

Throughout the west tales are told of a legendary Clockwork Cowboy, a restless mechanical wanderer who rode a clockwork horse, and whose bullets never missed. Some called him traitor, or monster, or murderer, but some called him hero. Some said he never stood by idle when the strong preyed upon the weak, and no bad men, mechanical or flesh, were safe while he wandered the plains.

But every story has a beginning...

Some say the Clockwork Cowboy was actually a Confederate Artilleryman called Liberty Brass. But for Liberty Brass, the trail seems ready to end almost before it begins. In a half-destroyed barn near the Gettysburg battlefield, on a dark, rainy night, two clockwork men, both damaged in war, meet. In the hours that follow, a terrible secret is revealed, a fateful judgment is made, and only one can survive to see the morning sun...

Coupon Code for free download: SF89E (Enter at checkout.  Expires Sept. 25th, 2011)  DOWNLOAD

A Day at the Unicorn Races
Christina F. York
(AKA Berkley Prime Crime authors Christy Fifield and Christy Evans)

Bubbles lives her dream as a successful unicorn jockey. The upside? Fame, fortune, and a job she loves. Downside? Enforced celibacy. Unicorns, after all, can only be ridden by virgins. So what's a girl to do when she falls in love? 

Coupon Code for free download: CP92P (Enter at checkout.  Expires Sept. 25th, 2011)  DOWNLOAD