Thursday, September 20, 2012

Whatever Happened to the Yorks?

Steve here:

Maybe some of you have noticed that Chris and I have mostly been missing in action that last few months.  I've managed a few social media posts (a lot of them just sharing links on stuff I was reading), but Chris has almost completely vanished from the internet, and even my "Minions at Work" web-cartoons have been on hiatus.

What happened?  Well, it's been two of the roughest months in our lives.  Chris had an shopping-list-all-in-one major emergency surgery, we lost a family member, and Chris got a post-surgical infection that landed her back in the hospital and knocked her down hard, pretty much as part of one, ongoing, train-wreck.

You can read a very personal post about it all over on Chris's blog, ChristyMystery.

The good news is, the saddest days are behind us, and Chris is (finally) healing nicely and getting her strength back.  

Both of us are trying to get our writing and publishing efforts back on track (my latest ebook, "The Steam Man's Plantation - A Clockwork Cowboy Story," is now finally up on Kindle, Nook, and Smashwords, with other major publishing platforms to follow soon).  The next book in the "Haunted Gift Shop Mysteries," Murder Hooks a Mermaid, will be out at the end of December, and the third is coming.  I hope to get "Minions at Work" back up and running, we'll have some exciting stuff about Chris' "Haunted Gift Shop" mysteries soon, and maybe we'll get back to our very-popular conversational posts that got interrupted back in June.

One step at a time, but it's good to be back...